Friday, February 05, 2010

Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation SPF22/PA++

Product Critique: Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation SPF22/PA++
(image from

Subjective Judgment:
 According to Laneige, this supposedly melts onto the skin like snow, which it does, thus the name snow crystal. I got this in the shade 13 TRUE BEIGE, which was the lightest available, it had pinkish undertones and at first I thought it'd be a tad too dark for me since it was how it looked like in the bottle, but then it wasn't. Turned out it was a perfect match, and wasn't overly pink at all. 
Frankly though, I didn't like the SA I bought this from(Rob Ermita), but since I bought it on impulse, I couldn't resist and got it anyways!
I also saw an advertisement of this one wherein I think Song Hye Kyo was holding a foundation brush, so silly me I used a foundation brush to apply this one and it left streak marks, so I used a stippling brush instead and I loved the way it looked. :)
Oh and it's scented! Not scented in the way that Revlon ColorStay is, though. (hate that chemical smell! =[ ) I love how this foundation smells. Smells like cologne (not perfume - like Guerlain), I dunno it smells fresh. uuhhmmmm.. :)
Almost forgot, it comes with a concealer on top, which Laneige claims is for the dual effect..

so here's my before and after pics. :)

Right Side Before:

Left Side After:

You might not a lot, but it's quite obvious in the pictured that I have lots of redness on the cheeks and on the sides of my nose that the foundation covered. I also did not use any concealer for my imperfections except for my undereyes which I did before I had taken pics.

So now onto the pro's and con's! :)
- dewy finish
- brightening
- sheer but buildable coverage
- lovely smell (might be a CON for you though!)
- high spf for a foundie
- it does give a flawless crystal finish

yeah that was a bit redundant.. :P
- gets a bit sticky after a few hours if you sweat and you're oily
- hate the concealer! It cakes and slides and all other icky stuff! :(

Rating: well alright, 3.5 over 5 just because I love the finish!
Where to Buy and How Much: Trinoma, Robinson's Manila. 1800php.
Re-purchase: nah, the concealer's such a waste and I'm on the lookout for something HG material considering my oilies.

Don't mean to make a long post even longer, but I just had to spit it out!

I posted in the Laneige thread of GT that I wanted to try the Strawberry Peeling gel but am a bit reluctant since I have homemade exfoliators that work just fine, but am still tempted with all the good reviews, and after a while, a fellow GirlTalker PM'ed me asking if I wanted to try a sample because it did not seem to work for her. For free! :) Isn't she nice? :) so I picked it up today from their nearby store, and look! :)

Three packets and she even gave me an extra Soft Nivea moisturizing creme. I think she's really sweet. :)
 The peeling gel smells oh so yummy too! I'm not much of a skincare enthusiast but I just love how it smells! Hope it works for me! :)  Thanks again sis babyastig for the free samples! :)

Monday, February 01, 2010

NARS Blushes: Deep Throat and Gina

Product Critique: NARS Blushes in Deep Throat and Gina
Left: Deep Throat Right: Gina (natural lighting)

Deept Throat: A peachy-pink shade with fine shimmers.
Gina: A true peach shade, matte.

Subjective Judgment:

These two are my Nars blushes, although I'm looking forward to owning more. :)
I first bought Deep Throat to try these out since I saw reviews that this is a nice shade for fair-skinned ladies, and since then, I've become a Nars convert! :) 

Here are pictures of me wearing the two blushes: ( please excuse my face and the brightness, it was daytime and I just woke up, I have nothing on except for loose powder and the blushes. :) )

Nars Deep Throat
see the shimmer? the upper part of it's shade looked lighter on the pic due to the sun, it literally reflects the light, which is LOVE. :)

Nars Gina

Then, here's a swatch on my hand of DT and Gina accordingly (top to bottom):

I totally love these blushes I could literally cuddle them! :)
 Gina is more pigmented but both are really pigmented and they give a natural glow to my cheeks. :)

- great staying power. long-lasting
- pigmented
- doesn't crack if you drop it. ;)
- both give a natural glow
- One pan will probably last you 3 years of daily use, cool right?

- the packaging attracts dust due to rubber
- hard to blend at first due to heavy pigmentation (might look like a clown) so use a light hand!
- Tricky to collect, some coors look the exact same on the cheeks, so examine well. :)
Rating: still a 4.5 over 5. a perfect score even, if not for the packaging. :)
Where to Buy and How Much: Nars, Rustan's. 1350php per pan.
Re-purchase: In different shades, definitely! Because One shade could prolly well, last me a lifetime. :P

Oh and Gina is my favorite btw, just because I love peach shades. :) I highly recommend both, though!
I'm thinking of getting Luster next, what do you think?

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