Monday, November 05, 2012

How to fix your broken lipstick

Living in a humid country, it is sometimes inevitable that lipsticks would melt in heat. It has happened to me several times. But fret not! Cracked lipsticks don't necessarily mean you won't be able to uae them without making a mess! It can be fixed!

what you need:
1. Tissue paper or napkins
2. Alcohol
3. Lighter or match sticks
4. Cotton buds

First, lay down the napkin so if ever your lipstick falls, it will still be clean. Then sanitize your hands because you will be using them.
just use the lighter or match sticks to melt your lipstick and use the cotton bud to align them to
place again.

sorry I forgot before pics. Just thoight about blogging it after I did it because it might help others! 
If your lipstick has totally fallen off, however, you may need to remove the remaining lipstick that is left on the cup or whatever that is called(it will not be sturdy enough if you don't). Then melt the bottom of what has fallen off before you stick it into place again.

This is the finished result:

Not pretty but usable! :)

Hope to help with this post, have a nice monday everyone!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Guerlain Champs Elysees VS. MAC Girl About Town

I recently got a MAC Girl About Town, because.. To be honest, I don't know, I guess I got carried away with the hype - I usually don't get similar shades to my existing collection.
Anyway, I was fixing my stash and I remembered it could be similar to Champ Elysees.

MAC Girl About Town on top
Guerlain Champs Elysees at the bottom

They are more similar in person, but not exact dupes. Champs Elysees obviously has moe red, white GAT is more neon pink. They're similar and one would answer for a lemming of another, but it isn't too much to have both, I think.

Girl About Town is for days when I'm feeling more energetic and fun, and Champs Elysess for a more sophisticated fuschia look!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

The New Chanel Rouge Allures in Excentrique, Enjouée, Exaltée, and Palpitante

So I got stills from the video that Chamel released, and used the imfo from Peter Philips on what shades he used, then saw shade descriptions, then solved the puzzle.
Oh my, this is how obsessed I am.
Here is Exaltée:

Here is Excentrique:

Here is Enjouée:

Here is Palpitante:

Pimpante can easily be found in my previous post :)
What are you eyeing?
my references are Temptalia's video post:
And bestthingsinbeauty:
From whom I gather that it will be out on August 6! Yay!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The New Chanel Rouge Allures!

Looks like I spotted Pimpante from the video ad that Chanel released in prep for the release of these babies! I also spotted what looks like Palpitante but I'm not really attracted to that. So I am going to look out for this shade in particular.

What about you?

Also I am testing out this blogger app for my iPad, which is supposed to make things easier for me. Looks cool so far.

Have a nice evening everyone!

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Updated Partial make-Up Collection!

 First of all, sorry for my recent hiatus. It's been years I know, and I've been wanting to go back for a long time into the blogging world, except that I rarely use the PC anymore, and when I do, it is usually just to go into MS Word to make a paper or to edit what I've written on my iPad for my thesis. Yes, very busy with life and all, but enough about that. :)

So lately, I've been destashing and organizing my collection in favor of a more minimalist philosophy when it comes to my makeup collection which means valuing quality over quantity. As a result, I've sold and am selling most of the stuff I no longer use or don't work for me.
The following is now my updated patial collection. Partial because I was too lazy to organize my eye makeup and they're boring anyways. Just a couple quads here and there, few eyeliners, and a couple concealers (My HG concealer is now Missha The Style Undereye Brightening, btw) and a few brow products plus mascaras. Besides I'm not done destashing that part of my collection :D

Enough blabber, onto pics!

My powders! I think that covers all of them (excuse those concealers)
LtoR, TtoB: Ben Nye Banana Visage(HG!), NYC Loose Powder, Chifure Powder Foundation, Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre, Maybelline Oil Control Loose Powder.

My foundations:
LtoR: Estee Lauder Double Wear, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk, Nars Tinted Moisturizer, and a couple BB creams that I got as GWP's from Estee Lauder. 

Lipsticks! Sorry for the awful quality of this picture, I didn't notice it was this blurry until now. Shaky hands.
I forget the names but I'll try.
LtoR: MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in 46 (I think?), MUFE in 38, MAC Fresh Salmon, MAC Viva Glam Nicki, Burberry Tulip Pink, Chanel magnolia, Chanel genial, Chanel Insolente, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 01 Le Rouge, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 27 Fuchsia Innocent. Beside them are my Sophie Martin lippies, and behind are the ones that I'm about to dispose of: Stila in Outrageous, MAC in Behave Yourself, and CG in Enchantress.

Lastly, my blushes, bronzer and highlighter.
LtoR: Chanel Tweed Fuchsia, Chanel Tweed Pink, Chanel JC in Fresque, Burberry Peony,
Soleil tan de Chanel, NARS Deep Throat, Smashbox Soft Lights in Shimmer.

and that's about it. Over all I'm happy that I get to use almost everything now. I thought a nice come back would be a collections post. So there ya go. If you wanna see me review any of these, feel free to comment below with your request and I'll try to follow up as soon as I could.

Still thinking what I should get next. A foundation, another highlighter since I only have one, or another YSL RPC which I'm recently addicted to? I'm also waiting for the Chanel Rouge Allures this August, but it's quite sad that they're being reformulated. I loved the old formula. Anyway, what do you all think?

Have a nice day beauties!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Swatches and Review: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20

(image from

  Rated at a whopping 4.1 average over 5 lipsticks at make-up alley, I got intrigued. Well, actually when I first bought it I think the rating was around 4.6 :D Well anyway, I bought it either way.

So here are swatches and the review will follow of course ;)

The consistency is watery, yet not so much that it dilutes the color and thus the coverage. So you can count that it has that light feeling while giving enough coverage. This is actually the deciding factor for me, the ultimate though definitely not sole reason why this foundation is my HG.

because there's more..

BEFORE(no foundation applied):

AFTER(blended a little of the foundie):

please do notice the my vein which is evident in the 2nd(before) picture but then is a bit covered in 3rd(after).
Isn't the finish just gorgeous? Although I like the finish of Kevin beautymaker aqua creamy foundation(I might do a review on it some other time) a lot more, I do think that the finish of this foundie is better than most foundations in the market. Not cakey, not flat, and although it does not offer that uber flawless look since it's not a full coverage foundation, well it's very natural looking and set with a loose powder or not, it looks as if I don't have any foundation on.
It's my HG as of the moment, since I only need to cover some redness, and it feels and looks so light on the face!

- not flat and has a bit of a sheen
- decent oil-control
- lovely smell of alcohol (might be a CON for you though! - I like it because it smells clean)
- high spf for a foundie
- it does give a flawless finish if you don't have a lot to cover
- light and sheer on the face
- doesn't cake.

- coverage is not buildable and if you have scars and all that, you might need a lot more concealer than your normal full coverage foundation since it only provides medium coverage.
- the pump is a bit messy to work with.
- expensive and not even available locally!

They say that Armani will replace the recently pulled out YSL, though. So let us just all pray and wish to God it's true!

Rating: 4.5 over 5 just because the finish still isn't "perfect"
Where to Buy and How Much: pre-orders online, or abroad. a little bit less than 3000PHP depending on the service charge/processing fee.
Re-purchase: why certainly!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sophie Martin J'adore Lipstick

Product Critique: Sophie Martin J'adore Lipsticks

cheap plastic container. but you can't complain for 79php! 

so I bought five, because they're so cheap and I've heard so many good things about them. I was actually supposed to buy 6, but Blushy Pink was OOS, so maybe next time along with other colors. :)

Now onto swatches:

Summer Pink

Ice Pink

From LtoR: Summer Pink, Paparazzi Pink, Ice Pink, Caramel Sugar, Mango Peach
the topmost color on top of Ice Pink, is NARS Schiap, just beacuse I though the color to a bit more similar, but obviously they're not. Schiap is a lot darker and brighter, while Ice Pink is a more demure pink compared to Schiap, but is bold on it's own. The two, though, belong to the same spectrum of color. So if you want a toned-down, candier version of Schiap, get Ice Pink. But it isn't a waste to get both because I can see different uses for both.

Onto discussing textures, I actually really like the texture of these lipsticks, they are matte with a bit of a sheen but nor drying at all. Very long lasting but the downside of this staying power is that it leaves a strong stain even after you've taken it off(that is why I lip-swatched only two because the colors might mix), so it isn't really advisable for photo shoots or special events wherein you change lip colors every now and then. But it is superb for everyday use, especially for lunch and dinner dates because it's still there even after you've eaten, and does not leave that awkward faded lipstick look.

Quick Summary:
- pigmented
- cheap
- does not accentuate fine lines nor flakes and the finish is just perfect!
- long-lasting
- not drying

hard to remove(I have to use make-up remover or it'll make my lips hurt) and there's a stain!
- not that easily accessible
- has a smell that might be off for some people, I can smell the lead content, actually.

Rating: 4/5
Where to Buy and How Much: online re-sellers, Sophie Martin dealers, Sopghie Martin Branches(not sure where the branches are but the main one is in Shaw Blvd. I think). 79php very cheap right? I wonder how much the capital is, perhaps around 30php?

Have you tried these lippies? How do you like/hate them? :)

'til next time!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rouge D'Armani Review

So I got a sample from Armani, thanks to a GT sister, when I bought an Armani Lasting Silk foundation.
This is the latest lipstick range from Armani, and it's caled Rouge D'Armani. I was initially excited for this since I heard that Armani's lipsticks are good.
Right, here are the swatches: 
Beige 100

Rouge 400

pink 500

The beige 100 is not bad, for a nude. It's a nude that won't wash you out unless you literally have no make-up on, or aren't wearing any blush or eye make-up at all. It's not retro-like nude. More on the elegant side,
The red 400 is a nice shade of red, though. A true bright red with a very slight hint of a pink undertone. Also very elegant.
Pink 500 reminds me a bit of my Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle, except that this is obviously waay more pink-er. It has that same aura when it comes to color, though. - can be a nice mlbb but can also be intensified for a night-time red carpet look. Elegant as well.

Staying power depends on application, I blotted the pink 500 after applying it and it lasted quite long even after I ate. The Beige 100, though, did not last that long, since I didn't blot it or anything. Over-all I'm not satisfied with the staying power, could've been better.

I applied with a lip brush by the way(obviously :P), and it initially has that nice sheen to it upon application. It is not drying at all.

Quick Summary:
- pigmented
- not drying
- does not accentuate my yucky dry lips
- nice sheen
- wide color range (checked the site)

- staying power not worth the price
- not locally available

Rating: 3.5/5
Where to Buy and How Much: Pre-orders, or abroad, like HongKong. $30, since as I said, it's not locally available.
Would I buy? Nah, there are nice colors, but I'd stick to Chanel as Chanel is personally more worth it. Although let's see if I encounter a very unique shade with Armani...

Have you tried any Armani lipstick? What's your experience? 
If you also have a good color of Rouge D'Armani, then please do share, then! :)