Monday, November 05, 2012

How to fix your broken lipstick

Living in a humid country, it is sometimes inevitable that lipsticks would melt in heat. It has happened to me several times. But fret not! Cracked lipsticks don't necessarily mean you won't be able to uae them without making a mess! It can be fixed!

what you need:
1. Tissue paper or napkins
2. Alcohol
3. Lighter or match sticks
4. Cotton buds

First, lay down the napkin so if ever your lipstick falls, it will still be clean. Then sanitize your hands because you will be using them.
just use the lighter or match sticks to melt your lipstick and use the cotton bud to align them to
place again.

sorry I forgot before pics. Just thoight about blogging it after I did it because it might help others! 
If your lipstick has totally fallen off, however, you may need to remove the remaining lipstick that is left on the cup or whatever that is called(it will not be sturdy enough if you don't). Then melt the bottom of what has fallen off before you stick it into place again.

This is the finished result:

Not pretty but usable! :)

Hope to help with this post, have a nice monday everyone!