Sunday, March 14, 2010

Giveaway from Digital Traincase!

sis lelila of GT/cake celebrates her 100 followers through a mouth-watering giveaway!

The prizes, of course NYX items
3 powder blushes
3 single eyeshadows
1 trio eyeshadow
1 double sided eyeliner and shadow
1 megashine lipgloss
2 round lipgloss
1 round lipstick
1 glitter
1 cream blush in Orange (NARS Exhibit A dupe)
Plus 1 MAC lipstick in Hue (brand new without box, but I will provide another MAC lipstick box)

everything will be placed in a bnew Sigma Makeup Pouch in Black!

Go ahead and join!
there's even a prize for the best FOTD using Nyx products! Don't you just love to win all these?? Oh I know I want to! *drools*

MAC Fresh Slamon + Victorian Lipsticks (fr. Spring Forecast)

Alright! So I have not been posting or anything for a month already! Sorry. :( I've been busy studying, being stressed, and lemming for lipsticks. :P Anyways, I'm not going to do a review since that'd take too long and besides, even if I did, by the time you read this and haven't gotten yourself any of the two yet, you'd just probably find that there are no stocks available already. I think Fresh Slamon is OOS all over the country by now.

So! on to what I posted about. Well, since there were lot of people at the MAC counter today(launching of the new collection), I went ahead and told the SA that I'd pay for my reservations already right after I arrived, saved me some money too, I know. :P  didn't even swatch the things I got 'til I got home. Oh and guess what, the raved upon Fresh Salmon, which I swatched first, disappointed me. It looked blah on me, like I just put on shimmers. Definitely an MLBB but I'm not sure if it's worth a thousand bucks. So, to make myself feel better, I swatched Victorian after, because I knew it'd look good on anyone that is NC25 above. I wasn't mistaken. :) After a while of vanity in front of the mirror, I thought of layering Fresh Salmon, oh lo and behold! It came out quite similar to the lipstick of my ridiculous lemming: Guerlain Rouge in Giulette!

I know temptalia's swatch is clear and nice, but please bear with my cam and bad lighting, so forgive my swatches. :P
I know it looks sheer, but it's more pigmented in person and it's definitely buildable. :) Also! It looks far different from swatches, but promise it's similar in person. :) BUT please remember I said similar not identical. ;D
Here's a swatch of the two, just for reference:

P.S. This post is intended for those who already have the two, or will get the two. ot to make jealous or to boast to those who did not make it 'til the stocks lasted.

Hope To Help! :)