Monday, November 29, 2010

Sophie Martin J'adore Lipstick

Product Critique: Sophie Martin J'adore Lipsticks

cheap plastic container. but you can't complain for 79php! 

so I bought five, because they're so cheap and I've heard so many good things about them. I was actually supposed to buy 6, but Blushy Pink was OOS, so maybe next time along with other colors. :)

Now onto swatches:

Summer Pink

Ice Pink

From LtoR: Summer Pink, Paparazzi Pink, Ice Pink, Caramel Sugar, Mango Peach
the topmost color on top of Ice Pink, is NARS Schiap, just beacuse I though the color to a bit more similar, but obviously they're not. Schiap is a lot darker and brighter, while Ice Pink is a more demure pink compared to Schiap, but is bold on it's own. The two, though, belong to the same spectrum of color. So if you want a toned-down, candier version of Schiap, get Ice Pink. But it isn't a waste to get both because I can see different uses for both.

Onto discussing textures, I actually really like the texture of these lipsticks, they are matte with a bit of a sheen but nor drying at all. Very long lasting but the downside of this staying power is that it leaves a strong stain even after you've taken it off(that is why I lip-swatched only two because the colors might mix), so it isn't really advisable for photo shoots or special events wherein you change lip colors every now and then. But it is superb for everyday use, especially for lunch and dinner dates because it's still there even after you've eaten, and does not leave that awkward faded lipstick look.

Quick Summary:
- pigmented
- cheap
- does not accentuate fine lines nor flakes and the finish is just perfect!
- long-lasting
- not drying

hard to remove(I have to use make-up remover or it'll make my lips hurt) and there's a stain!
- not that easily accessible
- has a smell that might be off for some people, I can smell the lead content, actually.

Rating: 4/5
Where to Buy and How Much: online re-sellers, Sophie Martin dealers, Sopghie Martin Branches(not sure where the branches are but the main one is in Shaw Blvd. I think). 79php very cheap right? I wonder how much the capital is, perhaps around 30php?

Have you tried these lippies? How do you like/hate them? :)

'til next time!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rouge D'Armani Review

So I got a sample from Armani, thanks to a GT sister, when I bought an Armani Lasting Silk foundation.
This is the latest lipstick range from Armani, and it's caled Rouge D'Armani. I was initially excited for this since I heard that Armani's lipsticks are good.
Right, here are the swatches: 
Beige 100

Rouge 400

pink 500

The beige 100 is not bad, for a nude. It's a nude that won't wash you out unless you literally have no make-up on, or aren't wearing any blush or eye make-up at all. It's not retro-like nude. More on the elegant side,
The red 400 is a nice shade of red, though. A true bright red with a very slight hint of a pink undertone. Also very elegant.
Pink 500 reminds me a bit of my Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle, except that this is obviously waay more pink-er. It has that same aura when it comes to color, though. - can be a nice mlbb but can also be intensified for a night-time red carpet look. Elegant as well.

Staying power depends on application, I blotted the pink 500 after applying it and it lasted quite long even after I ate. The Beige 100, though, did not last that long, since I didn't blot it or anything. Over-all I'm not satisfied with the staying power, could've been better.

I applied with a lip brush by the way(obviously :P), and it initially has that nice sheen to it upon application. It is not drying at all.

Quick Summary:
- pigmented
- not drying
- does not accentuate my yucky dry lips
- nice sheen
- wide color range (checked the site)

- staying power not worth the price
- not locally available

Rating: 3.5/5
Where to Buy and How Much: Pre-orders, or abroad, like HongKong. $30, since as I said, it's not locally available.
Would I buy? Nah, there are nice colors, but I'd stick to Chanel as Chanel is personally more worth it. Although let's see if I encounter a very unique shade with Armani...

Have you tried any Armani lipstick? What's your experience? 
If you also have a good color of Rouge D'Armani, then please do share, then! :)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nyx Cream Blush in Red Cheek as Lipstick

I have always been afraid of the color red. - on my lips, at least. As I obviously own a red blush which looks amazing on the cheeks. (I'll do a review for that next)

(photo from -looks like this but in quite a bright red.

I used to try red lipsticks at home, and those reds were of course, my mom's, and once, my friend's ( MAC Russian Red), I either looked like I obviously got into mom's make-up, or a vampire. It was disappointing, especially when I see other gals sporting a red lipstick, looking so sophisticated. So I stopped trying, until recently when I was on a hunt for something red, but suits me, this wasn't a easy task, because even if I did find lots of varieties of reds, I am a germophobe(if there's such a word lol) when it comes to trying on lipsticks. I always use the back of my hands when swatching in-store. So I ended up not buying anything due to a fear of splurging on something that does not suit me at all.
But it's been a dull and idle sembreak for me, so I decided I'd try this wonderful cream blush as a lippie, and the results were wonderful.


It isn't that true red which makes me looks like a vampire, but it doesn't make me look like I got into mom's make-up either. It's red with a slight touch of pink, and I love how it brightens up my face. It's also really creamy so it looks nice on the lips having that bit of a sheen, but I'm not sure how long it'd stay on. I might use it tomorrow though, just to check. But I'm quite certain that it isn't long-lasting because of it's creamy-ness and because I had no difficulty taking it off.

But at least now I know what sort of red suits me, nice color, isn't it? :)

'til next time!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Milk of Magnesia (under the name Maalox) as Primer

You've heard, right? Milk of Magnesia, so what is it exactly? Well Milk of Magnesia is Magnesium Hydroxide in suspension form, but since I can't find anything of the sort here in the Philippines, I went on and bought Maalox which is Magnesium Hydroxide, and Aluminum Hydroxide. Both are used as antacid or laxative, nevertheless.

Of course at first I was skeptical, despite the raves in youtube and some blogs I've seen (I forget but you can just google Milk of Magnesia as Primer I'm sure you'll find a few), because really, who'd want to put a laxative on her face, right? But now I guess that's me.

Supposedly I was actually looking for a good oil-control primer since my oil glands most often go out of control, I found that Murad's matte primer, which is very much also raved about, has ingredients that are quite the same with these laxatives, which is Magnesium Aluminum Silicate. If I'm not mistaken, Silicate is the mixture of silicon and oxygen, while Hydroxide is of course the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, which then explains their consistency, the latter being quite thick. But that's just my own little theory since I'm no chemist.
So anyways, because of that, I gave in and told myself to just give it a try since my skin isn't sensitive anyways and I just did a patch-test.

Now about it's performance... well, I haven't tried anything like YSL or Murad yet, but I'm not sure if I still would, because this works wonders.
Yesterday was a day full of hassle and since I was outdoors, I was sweating more than normal, and to top it off, I was wearing a cream foundation meaning it was supposed to slip off and I was supposed to blot a gazillion times after. BUT, I didn't, and my make-up was still perfectly matte, and intact. How cool is that!

If you want to try it, though, make sure you do a patch-test first especially if you have sensitive skin, and do put on as less as possible. Too much would make you look like an "espasol"
I'm not sure if you can see it clearly but check out the white stuff near my thumb. I just rubbed it on with my fingers, so it looked like that, but normally I would put it on with cotton, a la toner, wait for it to dry, and rub off the white excess with my fingers.
It doesn't really provide a silkier base for your make-up, of course, but it does tighten your pores, which is probably responsible for the matte-ness(if there is such a word) of your face. So if you need something that will tame your gland, this is for you, but if you're a combi, just put it in your oily areas, if you have normal or dry skin, don't think about it or you might just end up having irritated skin.

Quick Summary:
- controls oils

- tightens pores
- makes the make-up last longer
- affordable

for oily skin and areas ONLY
- tightens pores which means extra oiliness after you remove it and/or the day after.

Rating: 4/5
Where to Buy and How Much: drugstores, around 300php for the small bottle.

Hope to help you girls with your priming needs!

'til next time!

NYX Round Lipsticks

Or should I say lipstick...

Nyx Round Lipstick in Orange Soda
 (photo by

I know I know, you've heard so much about these lipsticks, that they're a great deal, and all that jazz, but trust me, don't waste your money on this one. I mean, seriously, am I alone in disliking this product?
Orange Soda is the only one I have (for about 6 months now, I think), because after buying this one, I told myself I'd never buy a Nyx round lippie ever again, and I would've been so excited about hoarding! If only this had nice quality. :(

But of course, so as not to be so pessimistic about something, it is very pigmented for it's price, on the good side.


If you have very nice lips with no flakes, then this would look very nice on you, but if you do have the occasional lines and flakes, then forget it.


Please ignore my upper-lip, I need it waxed soon. =P But anyways, it accentuates every imperfection that my lip has! Lines, flakes, and even my lip shape. because it's so creamy, it's sloppy.

Too bad, since this is a nice color over-all. A peachy nude that only has the slightest hint of orange. But that leaves me on the search for my perfect nude lipstick, still. I'm picky when it comes to nudes, and I don't like something that shouts "NUDE" since I normally don't wear smokey eyes. My perfect nude would be something that looks nice on smokey eyes but would have a bit of color to make it just perfect for strong eyes (cat eyeliner, strong brows, etc..).

Quick Summary:
- pigmented
- cheap
- has a little pan at the bottom(yes with some lipstick) if you want your friend to try it or something

- TOO creamy
- accentuates flakes and lines
- sloppy
- high LED (I know I did a test)

Rating: 1.5/5
Where to Buy and How Much: multiply, other online re-sellers. a little below 200php if I remember correctly.

I'll never get a round lippe from nyx ever again, unless of course someone tells me that their formula, like Chanel's Rouge Coco's, are inconsistent which means I might actually have luck on some others since I only bought one. I dunno, I still always hear creamy and pigmented, though. If you happen to know a Nyx round lipstick that's not TOO creamy, however, I would like to know and would appreciate your help. So let me know. :)

'til next time! (I hope that's soon, I'd like to make more lipstick reviews.)