Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rouge D'Armani Review

So I got a sample from Armani, thanks to a GT sister, when I bought an Armani Lasting Silk foundation.
This is the latest lipstick range from Armani, and it's caled Rouge D'Armani. I was initially excited for this since I heard that Armani's lipsticks are good.
Right, here are the swatches: 
Beige 100

Rouge 400

pink 500

The beige 100 is not bad, for a nude. It's a nude that won't wash you out unless you literally have no make-up on, or aren't wearing any blush or eye make-up at all. It's not retro-like nude. More on the elegant side,
The red 400 is a nice shade of red, though. A true bright red with a very slight hint of a pink undertone. Also very elegant.
Pink 500 reminds me a bit of my Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle, except that this is obviously waay more pink-er. It has that same aura when it comes to color, though. - can be a nice mlbb but can also be intensified for a night-time red carpet look. Elegant as well.

Staying power depends on application, I blotted the pink 500 after applying it and it lasted quite long even after I ate. The Beige 100, though, did not last that long, since I didn't blot it or anything. Over-all I'm not satisfied with the staying power, could've been better.

I applied with a lip brush by the way(obviously :P), and it initially has that nice sheen to it upon application. It is not drying at all.

Quick Summary:
- pigmented
- not drying
- does not accentuate my yucky dry lips
- nice sheen
- wide color range (checked the site)

- staying power not worth the price
- not locally available

Rating: 3.5/5
Where to Buy and How Much: Pre-orders, or abroad, like HongKong. $30, since as I said, it's not locally available.
Would I buy? Nah, there are nice colors, but I'd stick to Chanel as Chanel is personally more worth it. Although let's see if I encounter a very unique shade with Armani...

Have you tried any Armani lipstick? What's your experience? 
If you also have a good color of Rouge D'Armani, then please do share, then! :)

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