Saturday, January 30, 2010

NARS Schiap

Product Critique: Nars Schiap
Semi-matte Shocking Pink (accdg. to Nars website)
(photo from
Subjective Judgment:
My boyfriend gave this to me as one his gifts for Valentine's. (aawww. =])  yeah since it's a haul today, I also got Gina, which I will do a review on, soon, and a mini lipgloss duo as a freebie! :) It was funny. When I asked for Schiap, the SA was like "Oh, the popular Schiap!" I guess my rave is late, but oh well, better late than never! :) So enough about personal stuff. This the perfect HOT pink, and when I say hot, I mean sizzling! I'm so inlove with this I'd marry it if I could. :P Thanks to sis wednesdai of GT who was such a B.I. with Schiap, hope she gets to read this! :)
Here is a photo wearing my new love ♥ :


- the color is looove!
- great staying power. long-lasting
- not hard to blend.
- not messy if you're not used to applying lipsticks, unlike MAC reds, which tend to be so if you're not used to it, IMO.
- uhh. HOT! :P

- a bit drying.
- doesn't come in cheap. :(
Rating: still a 5 over 5 for the very very lovely color. :)
Where to Buy and How Much: Nars, Rustan's. 1250php.
Re-purchase: If this one expires, definitely! This one's gonna be with me for a long time though, only gonna use it for night outs or special occasions. :)

Oh and sisters, HELP! Still can't make it look like MAC Nouveau, or a barbie pink shade. tried it with pale pink gloss, and my gloss just doesn't seem to do anything but gloss it out. Any suggestions?


Bec said...

wednesdei here of GTalk. haha, ako ba nam BI sa'yo to get Schiap? :) Well, it's pretty naman talaga! :)

ladychris17 ♥ said...

yes it is! Super! :)

Soapaholic said...

It looks stunning on you.:) I've always loved pinks better than reds!

Sush said...

Schiap is a nice color :) even suits me which is shocking since my skin tone is around nc40 haha :)

ladychris17 ♥ said...

@sis soapaholic. Thanks! =) I find myself on the same ground, reds make me look like I got into mom's into make-up. =P

@sis Sush, well I'd expect it too, even suits and complements Rihanna's skintone. ;)

beautystash said...

sis, you can try putting NARS turkish delight lipgloss on top to make it look like MAC Pink Noveau. Or you can mix Schiap with Roman Holiday. I did it one time and my friend who is actually wearing pink noveau thought that I was wearing the same lippie.

Anonymous said...

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